What can the ITSM Service Desk bring to your company

ITSM Service Desk is inevitable must-have for any company that deals with the provision of IT service somehow. Such solution can bring a huge value and efficiency to the performance of the company. The functionality of ITSM Service Desk extends providing the interface for such types of activity as:

  1. management of problems
  2. management of incidents
  3. management of finance
  4. management of a configuration
  5. management of releases
  6. Management of services of the level
  7. change management
  8. availability control
  9. capacity management

management of the continuity of IT services

safety management


It is possible to study a more detailed description of the methodology of ITSM and ITIL library in our article Real ITSM.

Theory of the implementation of Service Desk
The standard ITSM solution is an IT service, ready to use, without the big budget. It will become an effective solution of the problems listed at the very beginning of the article and in the shortest possible time can gain the effect of automation, and take that number of processes which is necessary at this stage and further to implement new features. The important advantage of facilitating and accelerating implementation of ITSM system is the minimum need of coding. Flexible and easily changeable user interface with modern navigation elements will facilitate the adaptation of users. Smooth implementation will give the chance to start handling a sufficient amount of the entering data, and such decision will allow providing uninterrupted IT support of business processes.
ITSM service desk is the domestic software product that saves from problems with localization. Thus, management of problems, requests, incidents and also control of observance of SLA and automation of other IT processes are possible with the such a Service Desk.